Saturday, October 20, 2007

Inventing A better Government

Polybius, a Greek writer who lived a couple of thousand
years ago, analyzed the various constitutions,
( Sparta, Athens, Rome, Persia, etc. ) and
he explained why the Roman Republic succeeded, where other
forms of state failed. He suggested that the best government
would balance the power between a strong executive,
the masses, and the creative, productive people.

I suggest that the best government would be as follows.

1. Representatives would be selected RANDOMLY from a pool
of people who wanted the job, be they male, female,
Black, White, Latino, rich, poor, Christian, Muslim, Jew, etc.

2. Seats in the Senate would be sold to the highest bidder,

regardless of who they are, and what nation they are citizens of.
Rich people, foreign nations, races, and religions already
buy seats in both Congress and the House already,
and rich people SHOULD have a protected voice
in government as they are the movers and shakers, and creators
of expensive, long term projects that advance a society.

If they buy their seat directly, the money would flow directly
into the public treasury. As the movers and shakers are
essential to a dynamic, productive, free society, it is
far better to let motivated, proven creators like Bill Gates and
Ted Turner spend a few billion to buy a voice in government
than to assign this role to landed aristocrats, royalty,
pressure groups, religions, foreign nations, media giants, etc.

3. The President would be selected as follows.

The Senate which would be populated with dynamic, intelligent,
knowledgeable people who know what it takes to be a good executive,

would provide the Representatives with a pool of candidates
from which to select the heads of the various government agencies,
such as the Defense Department, the State Department,
the Justice Department, Banking and Finance, Human Resources,
Housing, Transportation, etc.

If the Representatives were unable to make a choice,
they Senate would put forth a few more candidates.

4. The heads of the various agencies would meet,
and select one of their members to by the "Decider."

Another candidate would be selected to take the "Decider's"
position, and the "Decider" would react to unforeseen emergencies that
required immediate attention, and arbitrate conflicts between
the various departments.

Let's use these ideas as a starting point,
and see if we can invent a better government.

The one we have now
has become corrupted
and is in the process of unraveling.

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