Sunday, October 21, 2007

Real time Karma Machine

As most folks know,
Google's philosophy is:
"Don't be evil."

and Google has provided folks
with a means of eliminating "Evil" from society.

When you click on one of the "Sponsored Links" in Google,
( Or "Sponsored Results" in Yahoo. )
the owner of the web site has to pay Google money.

If millions of folks
"voted" by clicking on the
"Sponsored Links" of the "Good Guys"
and buying their products,

"voted" a few times on the
"Sponsored Links" of the "Evil Guys"
and buying nothing,

the "good Guys" would be elevated,
and the "Evil Guys" would be eliminated.

For example, if "good folks"
developed the habit of voting a few times
for the "Evil" Companies, Organizations, Religions,
Politicians each time they surfed the net.,
it would cost the "Evil Guys" money,
and drive them off the Internet,
the only viable way to advertise today

When asked What is "Evil"?
Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google said:

"Evil is what Sergey Brin says is evil.",

but of course,
"Evil" is is what the masses says is evil,

and the masses now have a great tool
for rewarding "good"
and eliminating "Evil" from society.

Can you imagine what will happen
when a few thousand, or a few million, "Good Folks"
began regularly clicking of the "Sponsored Links"
of the "Evil" Companies, Organizations, Religions,
and Politicians?

Instant Karma!!!!!

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Pete said...

Only once in history have people been this organized or together on an issue, and this is where all the different languages began. It's a nice thought but we are not God and will never be able to agree that wholeheartedly about anything.