Sunday, October 21, 2007

The War-for-Profit Gang

Bush is a willing participant in the war-for-profit and power game,
just as FDR was.

If FDR had gone after the war-for-profit gang
rather than getting in bed with them,
WWII would has lasted six months, and there would have been
no millions of deaths, no holocaust, no Cold War, no Korea, no Vietnam ,
no nuclear weapons, no instigation of global religious war, etc.

Fortunately for America and the world FDR died,
and as the War-for-profit gang had not had time
to intimidate, buy and discredit the new leaders,
(Truman, Nixon, Hoover, McCarthy, etc.),
and Americans were sick of conflict and war,
the new leaders managed to prevent the takeover of America
by the War-for-profit gang.

If Bush had gone after the war-for-profit gang,
rather than getting in bed with them and Sharon,
there would have been no 9/11,
no movement of America toward a police and military state,
no loss of freedoms to Americans,
no danger to American's at home and abroad,
no shattering of the national budget,
no war on the Iraqi people,
with its' attendant cost, depletion of
non-renewable resources, environmental damage, etc,
no loss of trust by most nations of the world,
no hatred of America by hundreds of millions of Muslims,
no raid on Social Security,
no dollar flight,
no meltdown of the dollar,
no loss of the moral high ground to Russia and China,
no weakening of the United Nations, G8, NATO, etc.
no independent Chinese, Russian and European GPS systems,

The major weakness of a democracy,
is that immoral, profiteering, manipulators
can effectively buy the government at a low price,
by finding politicians like Bush, Clinton, FDR, Blair, etc.
and giving them the financial and media support
they need to rise above the pack.

As Philip, Alexander the Great's father said,
"There are no city walls so strong,
that they cannot be breached,
if you can get a donkey load of gold up to the wall."

The same is true with a democracy such as America has,
and greedy, immoral manipulators steal gold from the masses,
and use a little of the gold to buy more politicians.

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Anonymous said...

A thinly - veiled anti-Semitic rant. Tom purports to be scientific in his approach but offers no evidence to support his vitriolic poison. This man never allows his lack of insight to be eclipsed by any wisdom.